CEA Group S.r.l. is a company founded by Manager e  Specialized technicians of the Laundry sector with over 30/40 of experience, together with a young and qualified staff, ideal mix of  values ‚Äč‚Äčthat must not be separated from the past.

 Our initial mission was aimed at assisting the many AGA customers who suddenly lost support and assistance. This is why we have created a stock of original spare parts at all times available and an after-sales service that today allows us to provide multi-brand qualified assistance all over the world with an H service 24.

 We are  then returned to set up a new range of cutting-edge machinery.  Similar dryers for both cosmetics and technical solutions a those previously produced by AGA. Indeed revisited and even more performing and technological; washing machines with a vast and very wide range balanced in the quality / price ratio that provides technical solutions avant-garde and also less sophisticated proposals, by virtue of the needs of the installation markets. 

And then all the other machines,  manganes, calenders, bending machines, ironing and finishing machines, with an even more complete range that also embraces the large plant. 

Today  Cea Group takes its clients by the hand and accompanies them without it never leave them alone. "Your Laundry Friends" is our motto: to work together and be friends. 

And our projects do not stop here.