This ironing program  has been elaborated later of a research, addressed to
machine operators from ironing for domestic use and semi professional.
The ironing board of the series "A19-AS19-AR19" in base to the model it can be aspirating and heated or suction / blower e warmed up.

They are adjustable in height, the shapes of the plane from
universal ironing can be choose, the mod.110 or the mod.120, the ironing board is reclining.
The ironing board is equipped with attacks for insertion of a steam generator.
Thanks to the versatility of the its functions is able to guarantee a quick ironing and high quality manageable in transport, being equipped of wheels for handling, has an easy opening of the plan ironing "without any effort
physical". It can be used for ironing both on the right / left side - the operator
it can also be ironed when seated. Once closed ironing area, space
that occupies is limited.